RECENTLY I was treated to a delivery of the Liberal Democrat news sheet, The Focus.

I have to say that anyone reading this sheet may get the impression that it is the Lib Dems who are the only group monitoring developments in Warrington.

The reality is that other community residents associations and church groups also do this and carry out work in the community such as litter picks.

Nor are the Lib Dems the only group that holds community meetings or hold surgeries.

To further put the record straight regarding the music concerts on Victoria Park, it was Victoria Park Residents Association that was contacted by residents, some of whom volunteered with Vipra to carry out a survey regarding the concerts as well as attending Vipra meetings at St Hilda’s Mission Latchford where all the issues were aired before a second meeting attended by Vipra service users at the venue that was arranged by Latchford West councillors.

These resulted in people signing a petition and a number of letters being sent to WBC with queries outlining their concerns.

But I do not recall seeing any Liberal Democrat councillors on the ground before or after the music festival that, apart from one or two issues, went well so please let us have credit where it is due to those who were really involved.

KEN WORMALD Chair Victoria Park Residents Association