IN the Warrington Guardian (March 7) you gave Mark Doubleday space to set out the ‘benefits’ of his application to set up an airport car park on the Caddick’s nursery site in Thelwall.

Mr Doubleday says that his scheme is the ‘best option’ for the Caddick’s site. That is nonsense.

The Caddick’s site is in the green belt; it has permission for horticultural use and nothing else and the best option is obviously for it to be used in that way again.

Last year a planning application for an airport car park on the site was refused, and rightly so, on the grounds that a car park would damage the green belt and that moving cars to a car park 12 miles from the airport was environmentally unacceptable (ie simply daft).

There was widespread relief in Thelwall at this decision. You would have thought that would be an end to the matter, but no.

Mr Doubleday’s present scheme is nothing more than a carbon copy of the scheme refused last year, dressed up with a playground and an assault course put in to make it attractive to residents.

But local people are not so easily fooled, and we are certainly tired of these attempts to justify the unjustifiable. The additions do nothing at all to overcome the objections to last year’s scheme and significantly, in your interview with him, Mr Doubleday made no attempt at all to address this point.

Which is not surprising – what could he say? The additions are just a ruse.

It is to be hoped that WBC’s planners will reject this scheme as they rejected the last one.

Then the people of Thelwall can get some rest from the anxiety and insult caused by repeated efforts to impose this offensive idea on them.