FOR the second time in almost 13 years I found myself in Warrington Hospital Coronary Care Unit, (CCU).

On both occasions the need to be there was brought about by chest pains and a feeling of slight nausea, and in both cases diagnosed as a heart attack by A&E.

I was immediately transferred to the CCU and the team on the CCU then go about trying to ascertain the cause.

Not surprisingly there was a carefully followed procedure comprising various tests to locate the cause and ultimately steps to reduce the risk of recurrence.

The teams involved in diagnosing the route cause ensure the heart is monitored using ultra-sound technology to determine whether any damage has been done.

In my case, the route cause was diagnosed as narrowing of one of the arteries feeding heart muscles restricting blood flow and causing the pain I had felt the day before.

Leaving the matter unchecked can cause serious heart damage or even death.

Having diagnosed the route cause of my pain, the team set about correcting it. Choosing the correct procedure to ensure my heart muscles continue to receive the blood flow required to operate effectively lies with the heart specialist.

In my case the solution involved inserting a ‘stent’ into the offending artery. The fitting of stents was carried out at Broadgreen hospital in Liverpool.

This whole procedure lasted from admission on Tuesday morning to Warrington Hospital until discharge on Thursday afternoon from Broadgreen.

The reason for my letter is to thank sincerely every member of the team involved in returning me to full health. Every NHS person, from my GP, Dr Francis at the Helsby Street Practice to A&E, CCU ward A3 staff, cleaners, ambulance staff, nurses, auxiliaries, doctors and consultants, specifically in my case Dr Pradeep Magapu to whom I think I owe my life.

Everyone involved insists they are only doing their job, but I believe it goes deeper than that, they care, and each of them demonstrated that at every step of the way.

All too often we tend to hear about NHS matters in a negative way but I cannot praise them enough, so thank you all.