I WRITE to complain about the antiquated state of the car parking payment system at Warrington Hospital.

It needs to change and quickly, it simply is not fit for purpose.

My father has been a patient for the past three weeks so I have used the car parking facility everyday.

Each time I use the machine, there is a queue of very stressed and confused people trying to pay.

The machines are so out of date they are no longer fit for purpose, I don’t believe they ever were.

The digits are too low down and too small for most people to read and two machines on site are not working (one by maternity and one by the main entrance and that has been the case for two weeks now).

I am going to lobby the MP to get this changed as it is a disgrace and unnecessary.

If I had a pound for every stressed person I have helped over the past three weeks to pay, I would be rich.

To park your car is another issue, the lack of spaces causes so much stress it is unbearable.

What plans are in place to upgrade both the pay machines and to offer adequate parking spaces?