LIKE many people, I voted to remain in the EU in 2016. However, unlike many, I don’t think we should have another vote.

Leave won and it is only fair we carry that out.

However I remain amused by the response of the leave voting Little Englanders who are now angry by what is going in Parliament.

‘Give us back out sovereignty’ I hear them say. And in the same breath, ‘our politicians should do what we say’. Well forgive me if I am wrong but our sovereignty would be Parliament would it not.

That is how democracy works in Britain. So do you want your sovereignty or not?

I suspect you simply want the bits you like.

Of course the reality is that most of the ‘reclaim our borders and sovereignty’ brigade will no doubt sit in their retirement armchairs reading the Daily Mail, utterly ignorant to the chaos their leave vote left us with if and when we do leave the EU.