ON Monday I sent an email to Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, urging him to vote against the delaying tactics being played out in the House of Commons.

Our two MPs were voted into Parliament on the promise to uphold the will of the people.

Parliament unanimously voted to trigger article 50 which under EU law states we leave the EU on March 29.

To try to delay this is an act of betrayal to the people who pay MPs to act on our behalf.

As for the people who cannot accept they lost in the in/out referendum and are now wanting another vote – they missed their chance when Theresa May went to the country to try to secure a mandate.

The Lib Dems stood at that election on a remain manifesto which in fact was a chance to reverse the withdrawal.

So now they want another chance.

Do these people think that the people who passionately want to leave the EU will peacefully accept their tactics? I don’t think so.

The time has now come for politicians who are playing party politics to try to force another election to do what they were employed to do and get on with uniting our country so we can get on and make a success of this once in a lifetime opportunity to make Great Britain great again.