IN the week that saw Brexit loving Dyson move its headquarters and hundreds of millions in taxes to Singapore, Airbus yet again warned the Government that it will be taking flight if there’s a no deal Brexit.

Airbus creates 14,000 jobs, supports 110,000 jobs and with an economic impact of £6billion per year to the British economy, I’ve no doubt that post-Brexit there will be lucrative offers to relocate its aircraft wing manufacturing to inside the single market, leaving behind a once impressive British aerospace industry, and economic collapse in north Wales.

As a proud British patriot and as someone who has worked all their life in modern manufacturing, I believe we need to collectively wake up to what is happening.

If staunch Brexiteers like Sir James Dyson aren’t willing to stick around, why would those firms that told us they’d have to leave?

It is abundantly clear this is not the sunlit uplands Brexiteers promised, this is economic suicide.

I respect the fact Warrington voted to leave in 2016 and I know I will get criticism from those who campaigned and voted for it, but when I was elected by my constituents, I promised to serve in their interests, even if that meant sacrificing my own.

With Brexit so clearly threatening the livelihoods of current and future generations of this town, now is not the time for politicians to worry about re-elections.

Only a people’s vote can stop this madness, and I would encourage members of the public to write to your MPs asking them to support it.

CLLR DAN PRICE Culture and Partnerships Executive Board Member Warrington Borough Council