ON Saturday there was a protest about Brexit in Warrington town centre.

Our group, Warrington for Europe, also has strong feelings about Brexit as many in our community do.

For several months we have been engaging with all shades of opinion in the town and it’s striking how much common ground there is: Brexit is a mess, the Government’s deal is unpopular, everyone wants Britain to be a fairer, more prosperous society, with a well resourced health service and opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Of course there is profound disagreement about the means, with passionately held opinions on both sides.

But most people are prepared to discuss this calmly and will try to listen to the other point of view.

At this point in our national story, local citizens can have a role to play in providing guidance to our elected representatives who have some tough decisions to make. We propose a meeting where, under a neutral chair, a balanced group of Warrington residents can gather to discuss what should happen next.

This should be focussed on the reality of the limited options in front of us and not a rerunning of the 2016 referendum.