IN 2016 we had a national referendum. It was the biggest turnout for a vote that Warrington has ever seen.

It was also the biggest turnout nationally, in itself an indication of how much people feel about the issue.

In Warrington the turnout was 73 per cent and 54 per cent voted to leave.

The issue had been debated for 12 months prior in all the media; all households received a letter from the then PM , David Cameron.

Among the points being made it said ‘a once in a generation decision’ with ‘no ifs, no buts’.

In our democracy, the people of Warrington have elected the two Labour MPs, Helen Jones and Faisal Rashid to represent our views in Parliament.

I would be interested to know, no ifs, no buts, why our two Labour MPs who stood on a Labour manifesto pledge that they would respect the referendum, are now voting wherever they can against Brexit and its implementation?

I might add, without taking into account the sovereignty issue, the freedom of movement issue and gaining once again Parliamentary control of our own borders, laws and money and ending the jurisdiction of the European Court, with regards the trading issue – I feel personally better advised than both our MPs on the matter of trade.

Now being retired, having spent my working life working for a major international supplier of food and other goods and services as operations manager, I feel I would be more knowledgeable than both our MPs when it comes to matters of trade as an independent nation.

I would again ask them, as Kevin Mannion so rightly pointed out in last week’s Guardian, on what basis do they think they know better?

Are they saying we didn’t like what you voted for last time people of Warrington; we want you to vote again?

Warringtonions will remember next time they go to the polls.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead