I HAVE just been consulted by a doctor – by phone.

I am not impressed.

The doctor diagnosed from an X-ray that I have arthritis on my knee, without seeing the swelling around it, the scars of previous operations, feeling it, or comparing to my other knee.

He does not have my life’s medical history, neither did he ask for it.

I also have a fungal infection in my toes. But the infection did not register on the lab analysis, even though it is clearly visible.

The doctor refuses to give me oral treatment, without the piece of paper confirming the problem.

When I pressed him he eventually explained that the oral treatment is quite strong and he does not want to use it without confirmation.

Again without seeing my toe, the doctor can not diagnose if it is some other problem. I then pressed for a re-submitting of nail clippings to the lab.

And if I get confirmation, great, I get the faster oral treatment, which will take months. Otherwise I am stuck with topical treatments which can take years. In 2019? With medicine going back thousands of years?

No, I will self medicate. With all sorts of items being mentioned, from oil to apple vinegar, I came up with a medical one: oxygenated water.

Doctors exist for the patients. Not the patients for the doctors.

JOHN PAUL Warrington