IT is disappointing that Ken Foster can’t differentiate between having his beliefs about local MPs challenged and criticism of his person (Warrington Guardian, January 10).

His indignation seems like an attempt to conceal an inability to provide any response to my points.

The campaign to denigrate MPs led directly to the murder of Jo Cox, and the recent sight of right wing thugs threatening a solitary Anna Soubry shows how the billionaires’ project Brexit has poisoned society and given voice to the extremist.

Instead of a researched response, Ken tells us of his fears of Labour’s left wing and his disdain of the EU.

No details, no reasoning and no elaboration.

Fear and hatred were the weapons of the referendum campaign, a convenient way of avoiding an informed debate, perhaps if he doesn’t agree he should read the words of Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, on Brexit.

But if he shares my disdain for those who appear on this page attempting to rewrite history, like Paul Nuttall, we might find some agreement.

Like him I consider myself a good citizen, but he really needs to listen to the views of others and respond.

Heaven knows what division this referendum has wrought, and what a diversion from the huge issues of inequality in our country.