I KNOW Christmas seems a lifetime away now, but I just wanted to get in touch with a final thank you for your amazing support during the Selection Box Appeal (Warrington Guardian, November and December).

When CAFT and the Guardian started this in November there is no way we could have believed that we would collect 3,825 selection boxes – that truly is phenomenal.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this huge achievement could never have happened without the support of you all.

The coverage and support you gave us made the world of difference, thank you so much.

Not only were we able to provide chocolate treats for each and every one of the 1,200 children visiting CAFT, we also distributed the boxes to schools, hospices and other charities who were so grateful to receive and pass them on to their children.

We want every person who donated to know just how much we appreciate their support.

HELEN CROWTHER Children’s Adventure Farm Trust fundraiser and press officer