WITH reference to your article about Cllr Terry O’Neill and MP Helen Jones (Warrington Guardian, December 20).

She was not elected to be a cheerleader for him.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking she has the right to question some of his decisions such as lending money to housing associations with no requirement for them to be built in Warrington; buying a business park offshore to avoid paying tax when he expects the rest of us to cough up our council tax; overseeing record council borrowing and council accounts which auditors have failed to sign off; promoting a local plan opposed by thousands of local people and keeping Peel Hall in the local plan thus encouraging developers to think it’s open for building on.

Personally, I’m glad I’ve got an MP who is not involved in all this.

I’m glad I’ve got one who sticks up for us instead of rolling over when the council wants her to.