ON Friday, December 14 at 9.45pm a lady with a head injury at Chapelford Farm was waiting for an ambulance which arrived and parked at the entrance.

The paramedic was asked by another lady in the car park to come with her.

The paramedic thought it may be to do with his colleague who was unloading equipment from the side door on the opposite side of the ambulance.

In fact the lady was asking him to move the ambulance with not a care in the world for the injured person inside.

The paramedic acted professionally and continued inside to tend to the 999 call.

When questioned by people inside the pub about her behaviour she agreed she had asked them to move the ambulance because she was picking her husband up from the pub and the ambulance was blocking her car in.

I want people to realise that this behaviour is not acceptable and is selfish.

The paramedics are under extreme pressure at and to be pulled away whilst tending to 999 calls is both dangerous and plain selfish.