I REFER to the protracted disciplinary investigation and misconduct hearings of former chief constable Simon Byrne.

Last month all charges were dismissed leaving the council tax payer of Warrington and Cheshire to pick up a bill of £350,000.

Well we only have one person to blame don’t we?

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane is a man who is clearly out of his depth in this role.

Had no knowledge of policies and procedures in relation to police regulations but relied on bad legal advice.

It seems to be a habit of Mr Keane wasting council tax payers money: The appointment of a friend’s daughter as assistant PCC on a salary of £50,000 per year.

The appointment of other members of staff at ridiculous salaries The relocation of his office to Stockton Heath police station.

No doubt come march 2019 he will be asking for a rise in the police authority’s council tax precept.

Not this time Mr Keane. You can make cuts in yours and your staff ’s salary to foot the bill.