WHAT a laugh.

Gary Bebbington has linked together the words ‘rose tinted glasses’ and ‘steaming up’ in his recent letter.

Really funny, almost childish.

The words are actually directed at me in a footnote to his letter describing our town as a ‘dead duck’.

Well Mr Bebbington, I do not wear rose tinted glasses and am intelligent enough to make clear, well thought out decisions without being swayed by non-factual influences.

My two previous letters which challenged your criticisms of individuals and groups of people were 100 per cent non political so how can you allege that my comments were ‘blurred by my political party’?

To make such statements you need to have evidence, you should know that.

As for your outrageous criticism of our town, it is yet another example of your over the top pessimism and negativity.

As it is the season of good will, how about apologising to the good folk of Dallam, Terry O’Neill, Russ Bowden, myself and all the decent people who strive to make our town the best it can be, including the hospital staff, police, teachers etc.

KEN DAVIES Grappenhall