ONCE again I am steamed up about letters from Gary Bebbington.

My previous letter included the words, ‘Who does this man think he is?’ after he had recommended a return to National Service and criticised the good folk of Dallam.

This time I can’t find printable words to express my reaction to his later opinions.

I believe in free speech but his character assassination of Terry O’Neill, the soon to be ex-leader of Warrington Borough Council, borders on abuse.

I do not know Mr O’Neill so I’ve got no axe to grind but if I had I’d find a better way to communicate it than Gary Bebbington has. I hope that somebody within the council takes this matter up in a more formal way than I can.

Personally I wish Mr O’Neill a long and happy retirement.

In his next letter Gary Bebbington sets himself up as a public spokesman for the ‘no’ Brexit campaign. Is there no end to these possibly ill informed, self opinionated writings?

KEN DAVIES Grappenhall