IF you hope December 11 marks the end of your Brexit misery I’m afraid it is merely the beginning.

In the unlikely event of a parliamentary agreement, we would enter years of negotiating our future trade and social relationship with the rest of the EU.

Don’t believe this can be done by 2022, past evidence shows this to be another Brexit fantasy.

Those of you familiar with Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grieving will have noted the same trajectory in Brexiter letters to this page.

First there was denial – we are right, we have belief, anyone who disagrees, Treasury, Bank of England or IMF are trying to frighten us.

But then anger sets in – why are the EU not caving in to our demands when Gove told us we would hold all the cards?

Next comes bargaining, give us a transition phase because this is far more complicated than anyone told us.

More recently depression has set in, the realisation that the land of milk and honey was just a dream, a vanishing reverie.

According to Kubler-Ross the final stage is acceptance, and lazy UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall seems to be arriving here in his rambling almost valedictory letter (29/11).

But he cannot distance himself from this mess, like fellow Ukippers Ashington, Griffiths and Wilson, he has opened a Pandora’s box of small-minded nationalism and now must face the consequences.

I clearly have more faith in the young of this country who look to the future, not dreaming like them of a past imperial fantasy Britain.

Time for our politicians to deal with real issues like austerity, homelessness and regional decline, none of which, as Boris Johnson once pointed out, have anything to do with our EU membership.