I FIND the BBC’s proposals to end free television licences for the over 75s appalling.

Of course we all know that this is really a Tory decision to blame the BBC as a corporation and not the so-called people in charge who try to con the general public that they are acting in the public interest.

What else do they propose for the lonely, isolated people, who live alone?

It certainly won’t make them feel less lonely, or isolated, just more isolated and miserable.

Shame on any politician who supports this course of action.

This government clearly does not have a clue about the lives that many older people have to live, nobody coming in to see if they are all right, or for a chat and a cup of tea.

Even the charities can’t reach all of them.

Depriving them of the only thing to keep them interested in life are the programmes television companies put on.

A lot of the offerings many of the stations schedule are of good quality, but absolutely ruined by the incessant advertising which spoils the enjoyment of programmes.

Surely the advertising should cover the cost of putting on television programmes, not charging the public extra for the television licence.

This government ought to put people in charge who have some idea about the lives of poor people, and ordinary older people who have paid the television licence for many years, so they can be allowed to enjoy the benefits of what is offered on television screens.

There are some excellent programmes at times but usually rubbish around Christmas which consist of celebrities wearing silly hats and acting daft.

Think again, not all older people are well-off.

ANN HADDOW Warrington