GUARDS on trains is a must.

My mate and I travelled home to Warrington from Manchester Oxford Road Station on the 10.15pm train last Saturday night.

The train was crammed and the journey started so well when a young couple offered seats to two octogenarians, which we greatly accepted.

All went well until we approached Earlestown Station when two idiots decided to have a fight.

The train was so full, that even if you were not involved in the fight you got punched and pushed anyway.

The very brave train guard got involved and when the train stopped at Earlestown he managed to get one of the idiots off the train but the other refused and wanted to continue fighting.

The guard called the police who eventually arrived and arrested both of them.

This incident lasted three quarters of an hour.

I don’t normally get involved with political arguments, but I cannot see how the driver, on a driver only train, could have handled this situation.

Keep the guards on our trains, they are needed for our safety.