WHAT is the point of the cycle lanes in Warrington?

My commute takes me along Chester Road into town and although the cycle lane on the left hand side is clearly marked, everyone ignores it.

This is because the parked cars on the opposite side of the road force drivers into the cycle lane when buses or lorries are coming in the opposite direction.

The road simply isn’t wide enough to take three passing vehicles and a bike.

Mind you, at least you can see the cycle lane there.

The one on Wilderspool Causeway is so faint it’s pointless having it.

Now I’m not a keen cyclist – far from it – but I was inspired to hire a bike during a recent holiday in Salzburg because there were clearly marked cycle lanes on virtually every road.

Cyclists’ ‘space’ was respected by motorists and it was great riding round town feeling safe and confident.

Obviously our roads are different and there are built up areas and more congestion.

But if Warrington’s cycle lanes can’t be made safe and fit for purpose, maybe they should be removed before someone is seriously hurt.

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