HOW would you feel if you no longer could pursue your dreams because you were born in Warrington?

Or somebody turned you down the job of a lifetime based on a stereotype?

Due to recent statistics, 92 per cent of people stay in the town they grew up in and I entirely disagree that your postcode should not be stamped on the back of your neck like a barcode. Social status.

The constant repetition of the stereotype that you as a person have limits on your future due to the road you grew up in.

Yes, in some circumstances money plays a part, however what if your dream was to build a family or find love?

Is ignorance so prominent recently that simple tasks are frowned upon if a person is disadvantaged in terms of money?

I feel society has begun to confuse money and wealth with value.

This has to change.

A young boy once attended a community school in Warrington.

His family were not rich or poor; neither did he stand out as an academically talented child.

But something within his personality led him to achieving amazing goals. We call this ambition.

If the first question you asked him was: ‘What neighbourhood are you from?’ Would you then instantly put a boundary on his talent?

I firmly believe that rather than judging backgrounds and bank statements, we should look deeper.

What makes you, you.

You then have the foundations of success.

Take a moment to reflect on your own life. Does the constant pressures of wanting everything, lead you to believe you’re nothing?

If so, why?

Society has negatively impacted future generations and led us to believe without money or a fantastically big house we aren’t anything special.

Your neighbourhood does not ‘define you.’ Your ambition, hard work and talent does.