I AM very concerned that a school has brought in gender neutral toilets following guidance and training from Stonewall.

You may have become aware that the campaigns/ guidance and training from Stonewall is increasingly becoming criticised in that no women’s groups were involved in the discussions regarding the possible impact on girls.

Stonewall, now knowing that there are some real concerns, are refusing to allow any debate, in fact they are supporting a backlash against anyone who wants to be able to discuss concerns.

As a result many schools have adopted policies and procedures and have spent a great deal of money on building work which is flawed and may place some vulnerable children in danger.

I find it astounding that schools who say they are massively underfunded are finding money to pay for these changes.

I appreciate that children who may be questioning their ‘gender’ would prefer to go into a toilet that is gender neutral but why not provide one toilet for that purpose rather than make sweeping changes that impact on the whole school population?

I am also confused as to why parents are not consulted about major changes to their children’s school.

Why are they consulted about some issues but not those that could impact on children’s privacy and their rights?

I urge parents to ask the head teacher of their children’s schools throughout the area to see if they have plans to make similar changes.

It’s easier to raise concerns before expensive building work that may actually cater for a tiny number of children in any school.

As parents you may want to know how decisions like this are made and whether it is the best use of limited funds.