I NEVER know whether to believe a word Peel Ports says.

Or should that be, I know what to believe but I would rather not hear it.

I am referring of course to the piece about the swing bridges (Warrington Guardian, October 25).

This time Peel says it will be doing the work but it will now be December at least before we know when it will start.

This of course after they said it will start the summer just gone.

It is an absolute joke.

What a complete farce.

These swing bridges are a disgrace.

The view when you look down the Manchester Ship Canal is lovely this time of year with the leaves and the views.

Yes it is spoiled by the rust on the bridges.

Who knows what visitors must think.

I go to Salford a lot and their bridges look lovely in red, black and white Manchester United colours.

Ours look dreadful.

Come on Peel, buck your ideas up.