I WAS interested to read the report on the state of Orford Hub (Warrington Guardian, October 25).

I have to say, as a regular visitor to the hub I have never found it to be anything other than well kept and clean.

Especially considering the number of people who go there. My main issue would be parking.

But I was most interested to hear Helen Jones MP has been invited to attend but failed to do so.

How can she then comment criticising LiveWire if she has not even been?

All we ever hear from our MP is complaints and moans.

What has she done that has been positive for Warrington?

If memory serves, it was the council who pushed for the Orford Hub and what a tremendous facility it is.

What can she point to that she has done since being elected (more than 20 years ago remember) than is even halfway as good?

I venture to suggest absolutely nothing.

So stop criticising others and try to help to sell our town and speak about its strengths.

Because there are plenty.