AN accident occurred last Monday at 12.20pm at the traffic light junction at Morrisons.

Two men stepped off the kerb and sauntered across across the road while traffic was moving and traffic lights were on green, causing a silver Ford Mondeo to slow down as he was coming through the lights, which in turn caused another car hit it in the back.

The two men were challenged by the driver of the Mondeo who was clearly in pain, but they just laughed and swore back at him and carried on walking and offered no assistance, even though they were one of the causes of the accident.

I was always under the impression that when traffic lights are on green and traffic is flowing, pedestrians should wait until traffic lights are red and it is safe for them to cross, and not step off the kerb when traffic is coming at them at 25 or 30 mph.

Appalling attitude of two grown men who think they are the bees knees and to hell with anyone else.