“YOU lost, get over it” is a comment which supporters of a new vote on Brexit are familiar with.

I reject this – does anyone change their beliefs because they are not shared by the majority at a single moment in time?

Why is the Brexit question still open?

At one level the debate about customs, trade, backstops and the Irish border is mind numbing and confusing.

But deeper and more fundamental than that, many on the remain side feel passionately that we are making a huge strategic mistake that will weaken our standing in the world and limit opportunities for our children and grand children.

We have come to hear heart rending stories of people from the EU who chose to marry and live here and are now facing dreadful insecurity and worry about the future.

Many of us feel that we are about to be ripped apart from our neighbours and friends in Europe: we are proudly British but love the feeling of also belonging to a community which shares our values and with whom we can make common cause on many important issues.

Seven hundred thousand people marched in London this weekend for these and other reasons – and many travelled from Warrington and surrounding areas.

This is not a ‘liberal elite’ but people like you and me. Nobody knew in 2016 what Brexit meant and the appalling campaigns by leave and remain alike didn’t help.

The latest Government proposals are for some half in half out mess that will please nobody.

The politicians cannot resolve this: put it back to the people and finally have an honest debate.

DAVID MYALL Warrington