I LIVE in Warrington and I walk regularly over the Stockton Heath swing bridge.

On a wet day walking on either footpath on the swing bridge is very stressful as your feet slip on the amount of bird ‘poop’. Many people have mentioned this.

It is so dangerous – you can’t avoid walking through the slippy mess.

As there is a huge amount of traffic you can’t step onto the road (not that I would) but some do.

Surely the council should clean it, or the company which owns the bridge.

There are far too many birds nesting in spring, they stay on this bridge all year round so you are extremely lucky if you don’t get their poop on your head or clothing.

Another issue, is the look of the bridge. Look at the it, the iron paintwork is terrible.

I have read in the Warrington Guardian before about this but nothing has been done.

It would be a good idea to get the owners of the bridge to come over to walk from one end to the other then back on a rainy day.

They would not want to hold onto the ironwork or look up to see the amount of pigeons.