A FEW weeks ago we went to the Winwick Quay for an early meal.

On arriving we parked up and went in. It was not too busy and we were led straight to a table.

We ordered drinks and food from the menu and that was that.

However on Saturday a letter landed addressed to me and it was a parking charge notice from Horizon Parking for £85.

A parking charge had been issued on August 31 for breaching the conditions of Premier Inn and I would like to add at this point I have never parked illegally in my entire life.

I have since found out that what you are supposed to do on entering this eatery is log your car registration.

Maybe because we were all gabbing and ushered straight to a table meant we didn’t go to the bar and missed something.

On the other hand you would think the waitress would say put your registration behind the bar.

People need to be warned to concentrate when entering this place or you will finish up thinking you had dined at a Michelin stared restaurant.

I still cannot get my head around how customers can be treated this way by a Brewers Fayre.