MY daughter, who is 18 and is on a break before going to university, has recently used the Orford Hub facility and has now had a notification that she will be charged £60 for parking for just over three hours at the site.

My daughter took part in a yoga class, and then met her mother for an additional workout in the gym.

Three hours at a fitness/leisure facility is not a particularly long time in my opinion.

She entered the car park at 1.47pm and left at 5.04pm.

She did not park up and go shopping and she did not park up and go to work at a nearby office.

She clearly used her card to book both her class and the gym.

I’ve since been informed that there is a totally ad-hoc system of logging your car on an iPad at reception if your car is going to be on site for more than three hours.

This is unwieldy and not advertised properly.

I find it abhorrent that the council will outsource parking at the facility to a third party which is clearly in the business of making money.

When society is trying to encourage people (especially young women) to get fit.

I’m appalled that they had be penalised in this way.

I would urge you to encourage the management to look at removing such a process.

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