SO the parking in Stockton Heath and Lymm has already brought in tens of thousands of pounds in a few months (Warrington Guardian, April 6).

Well there is no surprise.

The council all but admitted this was a cash cow when it brought the idea in last year.

Along with its other money making projects (green bins, banks, becoming a landlord) it seems to be doing rather well.

Of course it needs to do this to stay afloat.

Starved of cash from the Government, how else can it avoid massive debts?

Yet there is one big loser in all this?

You guessed it, the average tax payer.

We are the ones left picking up the bill – and there was a five per cent council tax rise too.

I haven’t had a pay rise at all in more than five years now.

So where is this extra money coming from?

Maybe I should wait for HS2 and the Northern Powerhouse.

Then I can go and work in London and earn massive cash.

I will get some tips from George Osborne, he seems to be doing well out of it.