HAVING read the letter by Bob Timmis (Warrington Guardian February 9).

I’m surprised he didn’t make the point that (pre-2010) leaders of the opposition Labour group on Warrington Borough Council chose to ignore the fact that the Blair/Brown Government had approved a new toll bridge for Runcorn, while nodding through a similar bridge in Scotland, over the Forth – which would be toll free.

Perhaps that Government was anxious to pacify the Scottish voters, in case of a future independence referendum.

Labour councillors in our town were then so keen to have a new Runcorn Bridge (even with tolls for everyone, including Warrington people), despite knowing both new and old bridges would handle less traffic than the old bridge took on its own.

So how do they square what they said then with what they are shouting now?

Their words ring with hypocrisy and the Labour councillors would do well to consider their own positions.