OUR postbag has been packed this week with angry letters after we announced the Government u-turn over their bridge tolls promise for Warrington residents.

Here's just a selection...

I HAVE just seen it confirmed in the Warrington Guardian (January 26) that I am going to have to pay the toll on the new Runcorn Bridge.

I am fuming.

I live in Penketh and my house is closer to the bridge than many of the residents of Halton are.

I assume that the plan to close the old bridge for refurbishment, immediately after the new bridge is opened, still applies and that the toll will be introduced on the old bridge when it is reopened so it’s a ‘double whammy’.

I face the option of either finding £1,080 per year to use the bridges or changing my route to go through Warrington and facing the queues over Bridge Foot.

It would have been better for the residents of Penketh if the new bridge had never been built.

My wife and I have voted Conservative in the past but if we do end up having to pay the toll to use the Runcorn bridge(s) then our votes will be lost forever.


Tax on the sick

SHOCK horror, the promised free pass across the bridges has turned out to be bogus.

I didn’t think it was even a possibility and when Osborne made the promise he conned everyone including our local MPs.

How long has the Mersey tunnel been open? How often has it been said the charges would be scrapped and we’re still paying?

I won’t be too surprised when they introduce the same charge to cross the Mersey at Bridge Foot using the excuse that it will cut congestion.

Politicians need to be held legally responsible for promises they make otherwise the old joke will sadly ring true: How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips move and a noise comes out.

I believe the company that runs the Mersey tunnels is going to run the bridges.

If you have a blue disabled parking badge and are in receipt of disability living allowance I believe you can get a free pass through the tunnels.

Will this concession apply to the bridges?

There are many people, myself included, with chronic illnesses who have to attend Halton Hospital regularly and to us the toll becomes a tax on illness.

Just like the draconian hospital car parking charges.


Penketh Traffic increase

I AM appalled at this U-turn on the bridge tolls.

I live in west Warrington and will revert to going through south Warrington’s express roads to reach Runcorn or the M56.

This decision will increase traffic for Warrington.

Colleagues and friends, particularly in WA5, have expressed similar views.