My weekly blogs have now dwindled into a monthly blog as my treatment is nearing its end. Writing has been my saviour at times and a massive release which has allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings to anyone willing to read about them. Initially, I never started blogging to help others. Writing about my journey was a way of seeing on paper what was happing to me. I would sit at the computer and start typing about how I was feeling and couldn’t stop…it just flowed. Then I’d read it back to myself, often through tears, and feel a massive sense of relief and the realisation of exactly what I’d been through in that past week. Strangely, writing never left me exhausted or weary, but like a weight had been lifted from me and a warm sense of achievement at how I manage to articulate my emotions into words.

So, selfishly I started blogging to help me. Yet after the reaction of my first, second, third and so on, it inspired me to write again and when people continued to write such wonderful, positive comments it always left me flabbergasted at their reaction. Surely this one won’t be as good as the last I thought but from the response they just got better and better. Absorbing all the kind words I started to realise I wasn’t only helping myself but also a lot of the people reading them, some finding comfort from them in their own times of trouble and others just being able to view life from a different angle that gave them courage and inspiration along their own paths. It was never my intention but such an amazing feeling to know I was making a difference.

When a friend stopped me at The Rainbow Ball and told me how much the blogs have helped her through a really difficult time my sense of accomplishment tripled in that second. And then another person said the same thing, then another, I can’t even put into words how that made me feel. I knew then that I really wanted to continue to write but this time not just for me but at the thought of helping someone else.

So I sit at my computer and think about what I can write about next? No one wants to know about my weekly Tesco shop or how I’ve caught up to episode eight of Desperate Housewives. Nor the fact that my five and six year old daughters have taken my favourite, red, Chanel lipstick, applied it all over and around their lips then decided to play ‘shoulder rides’ in my bedroom only for me to come and discover it smeared all over my newly washed bedding and cream…yes cream carpet!!! Now that’s going to help no one apart from those of you with little girls as a reminder to lock away your make-up! After waiting a month to write again, debating on what I will continue to write about, I’ve decided I am going to write about everything ‘alternative’ that I have learned over the past twelve months and continue to learn every day from people around me, books and my nutritional course. From dehydration to hydration, stress to calm, imputing the right foods to eliminating the wrong ones, cleansing the liver, why we become ill, how we can become healthier, water, cells, enemas, I will share with you my findings of how we can allow our bodies to heal when we put our cells in the right environment. I will interview alternative therapists and allow them to share their beliefs of health and healing, so if anyone knows of any alternative therapists that would like a guest slot in my blogs (ha ha pmsl I sound like I’ve got a bloody chat show) I would love to ask them some questions that maybe everyone would like to know the answers to. And speaking of which if anyone has any questions I could try my best to find the right answer.

Now I’m no chat show host, nor am I Jesus. I can’t multiply fish or heal the world, but if I can help, I will. So watch this space, the next blog will be something worth blogging about. Now I’m off to watch episode nine of Desperate Housewives as Gabby’s got a new job and the cops are all over Bree whose suspected of murder!

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