What a difference a year makes! A year full of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and oh so very lows, I am sat here now in a sea of calm. If it wasn’t for my blogs I would barely remember the past twelve months as I ploughed through it in a hazy daze. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people who have inspired me in so many ways and taught me things I never thought I would ever want to know but now find ultimately fascinating.

And because of this I have enrolled on a Nutritional Healing course to discover how are bodies are effected under stress and toxins and how we are designed to heal ourselves with the help of nutrition. The mind and body work in sync with each other and our internal cells are affected with every thought and everything we choose to put into our mouths.

Our bodies were never designed to turn against us and when we become ill it is our bodies way of crying for help and asking for change. I read a few days ago of a young woman who died from being addicted to fizzy pop. She drank litres of the stuff every day. Now it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that cannot be good for her and eventually her organs must have given up. I was sad to read that story but felt empowered knowing I am still on my healing journey and learning something new all the time. When I am qualified I will be able to practise as a Nutritional Healer…eh get me! So any of you reading this suffering from any chronic or acute illnesses I may need you as a guinea pig for my case studies in the near future!

So not only did I embark on a life changing course last week I also got the opportunity to visit a place called The Penny Brohn’s cancer centre in Bristol. Run by a charity, I would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered at the hands of cancer whether you are the patient, relative or friend as it gives so much support and advice. I came home feeling that everything I have been doing over the past twelve months was absolutely right. It also taught me how to meditate and the importance of ‘me’ time. Carl got to share his feelings too with other supporters who were there in our group. Very moving, but also very real that other people feel the same way and have the same thoughts. So anyone who has been affected by cancer please google it and see for yourself just what it has to offer. I can highly recommend it.

On Sunday I completed the “Success Codes” which is a follow on course from the Healing Codes. It was great to catch up with my friends and throw around ideas about what the future holds for us or more importantly what we want from our futures. I’m still focused on writing my book and want to now launch an informative website for anyone with illness to log onto and get some great tips and advice, something that has taken me over a year to collate and what I really needed when I was diagnosed.

So for all those people who have helped me along the way and for all those who will go through similar scenarios to what I have I am about to give all I can back. Watch this space…what a difference a year makes! Good title for a book don’t ya think?

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