WITH the Rainbow Ball just over a week away, I’ve been pondering what I should say when the compere passes me the microphone.

With minimal time and so many people to thank, I figured I’d leave the thanking to Nicola as she has organised this Ball with no help from me but more than likely, she’s had tons of people willing to help out which she’d like to thank personally.

So I just want people to enjoy themselves; live life to the full; be happy; embrace the good things and forget about the bad, because with all the reading I’m doing at the moment, I believe that is what life’s all about.

We were never meant to struggle, to fear, have anxiety, stress over things. That is just our perception of situations.

We can make it what we choose to make it. And our behaviour, thoughts and feelings should always come from a good, honest, lovable place because if you believe in the Law of Attraction …what you give out you get back.

So if you want nice things to happen, BE nice. If you want to fall in love, GIVE love. Don’t focus on your lack of something i.e. money; love, health but focus on what you do want like you already have it.

Things may not materialise straight away but when you least expect it, it may even take ages but isn’t that a better way to live your life? Being happy, creating more happiness?

How many times have you heard the term ‘it’s a vicious circle’? Because if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always had.

If you want to change your circumstances for the future then deliberately intend it!

Things have happened to me lately that have proven this tenfold. First one that springs to mind is how caring my eldest daughter was (10 years old) when someone was upset in my meditation class.

She went over and comforted her only to receive a plant/flower on our doorstep a week later. Kindness breeds kindness.

Another is my youngest telling me she was going to win a running race. She was adamant but I tried to explain that she shouldn’t be disappointed if she didn’t win as long as she tried her hardest, but with her strong mind and will she truly believed she would win.

She indeed won, way ahead of others competing. Yes she had practised for it, but she believed with all her heart that she was the winner and she was. And other smaller episodes keep happening daily.

I started to write who I was going to say thank you to at the Ball for helping me get through my struggles this year and what started out as a small list, grew and grew and grew.

So my list became endless and so I decided not to say anything as I know the people that help me out have my unconditional love and thanks.

Then I thought about the Law of Attraction and I thought I get all this love and support because I give love and support to others and I deliberately choose to surround myself with good, honest people and I thought that’s why I get so much of it in return.

Life is about choices and I know I’ve made bad choices in the past but I was unaware of the consequences, now I know, I will choose to live differently.

I’m a little bit hesitant to write this, as I don’t want to tempt fate, but after going for a thermal imaging scan (nothing to do with the NHS) there showed no inflammation left in my boob, whereas 3 months earlier it was raging.

It’s now only in my skin. And so I keep telling myself that the cancer is excreting itself through my skin.

The power of the mind is incredible along with Kadcyla (treatment), cannabis oil, homeopathy, supplements… to only name a few but the list goes on So I’ve taken a step back from worrying about the cancer and I try not to indulge in the feelings of helplessness as I rub the cannabis oil into the ever spreading area over my chest and under my arm.

I choose to have faith and believe all will be well. As I once said to my dear friend, 'we’re not ill, can still move about and walk around. Life is for living so let’s get on and live it' and that’s what I’m doing.

So many people have told me, recently, how well I look and I can only put it down to living life in happier place because I have a choice and worrying only takes away the pleasures of today.

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