Warrington Guardian: The Big Warrington Clean Up

Enough is enough

After being flooded with complaints about the high volume of litter in our town, we have launched our first anti-litter campaign.

From overflowing litter bins to bottles in the waterways and takeaway bags in hedges to eyesores on highways, we believe it's time for action.

The editorial team at the Guardian launched the campaign with a litter pick around our Centre Park offices and now we're calling on more Warrington residents to do the same in their neighbourhoods.

Whether it's picking up a couple of items of rubbish on your way to work or school or filling a whole bin bag, we want to hear from you.

Pledge your support for our campaign by filling out the form below.

You can also use the form below to tell us how many bags of rubbish you have collected, areas you think need a littler pick or if you've already organised one, let us know.

Anyone who submits the form below with their email address will be invited to join our Wonderful Warrington Facebook group where they can post about Warrington litter picking events or post pictures of your efforts

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