SKY Sports pundit Phil Clarke says Warrington Wolves are “going backwards” this season and are getting worse as opposed to better.

Summarising during Sky’s coverage of last night’s 40-22 loss to Wigan Warriors, Clarke was scathing of what he saw from The Wire.

Having commented that the second half was the biggest 40 minutes of Warrington’s season, he was not impressed with what he saw.

“I think they’re getting worse. They’ve regressed this season,” he said after the game.

“They won last week against Huddersfield but I don’t think they played particularly well.

“They’re going backwards – I don’t know what they need to change but something clearly needs to.

“It appears as though the confidence is drifting from the side. As a viewer from the side of the pitch, they seem less confident than they did in matches earlier this year – I suppose that happens when you lose matches.

“They are far from the team we’ve been used to watching for the last two or three years. They are going backwards not forwards.”

Former Wire player and coach Paul Cullen was a guest in the Sky Sports studio for last night’s game and he admits he was “never confident” his old club could beat an on-song Warriors side.

“For me, this season at Warrington is about fixing up one thing at a time,” he said.

“I say this with respect and from a distance. You cannot fix everything at once.

“I was never confident going into this game that Warrington could beat a Wigan side that’s going to get anywhere near the levels Wigan can play at.

“I mentioned at half-time that this was a great 40-minute training session for them – that might be a bit disingenuous and upsetting to Warrington supporters that have paid to get in, but that second half for me was all about line defence.

“They’re going to be on top of you but they just had to find one thing they could fix up and take into the next game.”