Here's what Wire fan Rob Watson has to say about the Warrington Wolves loss to Leeds Rhinos, in the Spirit of '55...

THE Wire rollercoaster was always likely to have a dip sooner or later.

This was a performance littered with so many mistakes that it is difficult to put the result down to only one aspect.

After such a good run it was almost as if they were surprised by a team playing well against them, and that the first-half performance from Leeds completely caught them off guard.

That initial surprise led to panic and a scrappy performance that none of them will want to repeat.

Having the personnel in the pivotal roles of hooker, half-back and full-back being disrupted perhaps did not help, but does not fully excuse that sort of performance.

For me it looked more like a collective bad day than poor effort levels.

Concentration, composure, cohesion and skill levels were poor more so than any element of not being enthusiastic enough.

Wire looked like a team that did not know how to respond when things were not going according to plan.

That normally hints at a fragile confidence and a team that can have their belief shaken too easily.

Over the last few years Wire have not produced too many come from behind wins.

When behind on a scoreboard a team either has to commit to their plan with the belief that it will be good enough to win in the end, or come up with another plan that is more likely to win the game.

Too often Wire seem to end up doing neither of these things when they go behind.

They made enough breaks to win two games, but the composure and skill level to turn breaks into tries was too often missing on this occasion.

When facing only eleven men with a few minutes left the lack of direction was clearly in evidence, as Wire instead had a frantic spell of players taking it in turns to pick the ball up and run with it.

Everybody has bad days.

The challenges for this Wire team now are to make those days as infrequent as possible and also to learn ways to win games despite having a bad day.

A big part of that will involve not letting the scoreboard influence their confidence.

The rollercoaster has dipped, the focus now should be on making it go up again straight away and make this one bad performance rather than the start of a bad run.