UNSURPRISINGLY, Warrington Wolves fans were jubilant on social media after watching their side beat St Helens last night.

No visiting supporters were allowed in the ground due to Covid restrictions, but Wire fans cheered their heroes on from home as they secured a superb 6-2 victory.

After the game, we asked followers of our 'Warrington Wolves - Warrington Guardian' Facebook page for their three-word match reports, and this is what they came up with...

Angie Gaunt: Game plan executed

Carrianne Jae: Well done warry


Stephen Lowe: Defence wins games

Andy Stevenson: Tough as Teak


Ray Astbury: Great team effort

Joanne Tallon: What a battle

Shazza Langhorne: O M G

Karl Williamson: Defence Defence Defence!!!

Al Worrall: Defence, Currie, Defence.

A couple on Twitter even got involved...