With the new season starting today, Warrington Town boss Paul Carden sat down with Guardian sports reporter Matt Turner to discuss the opening game against Morpeth Town...

MT: You've retained a lot of last year's squad and you've added a few – do you feel this is the most prepared you've been going into a season with Town?

PC: It’s certainly the strongest squad we’ve had in terms of being settled.

Chaddy (Matthew Chadwick) is the last one to come in last week, but he’s already featured in two games. That obviously helps and he’s had training sessions in and around the games.

In terms of being settled, we couldn’t really be in a better place.

MT: With that in mind, does it almost give you a head-start on teams who have had to completely reshape their squads?

PC: I know full well what what that's like as we’ve had to do it in the last two summers before this one.

I don’t think it’s as much a head start, but it does help. You could get a group of good players together that just clicks, like we did last season.

Having said that, I’d much sooner be going in with a familiar squad than a new one.

Warrington Guardian:

The majority of Town's key players from last season – including star midfielder Ben Garrity – have opted to remain at Cantilever Park. Picture by John Hopkins

MT: Talk to us about Matthew Chadwick - he's been here, seen it and done it at this level and he knows what it takes to get out of this league.

PC: We’ve got good forwards and wide players, but when an opportunity comes to add a goalscorer that has a record like Chaddy’s, we’d be foolish to overlook it.

We’ve got four strikers in Chaddy, Tony Gray, Josh Amis and Connor McCarthy, plus Jack Mackreth can be used there too, and it’s a good set of options.

In terms of Chaddy, he’s something we haven’t had in terms of being hungry to score goals.

He’s played 75 minutes for us and he’s scored two goals. That will tell you the type of player he is.

Warrington Guardian:

Matthew Chadwick scored in both the pre-season games in which he featured. Picture by John Hopkins

MT: Morpeth up first - what do you know about them?

PC: We’ve had a few reports on them. They’re a strong side with players who have played higher.

Like a lot of the north east teams, they play a certain brand of football.

They are one of the favourites to go up again because they are well-backed and have an experienced management team that know what they want.

Like I’ve said before though, we’re confident that we’re more than a match for anybody when we’re on our game.

MT: Any injury worries?

PC: Jack Dunn’s had a bit of a calf strain over the past week or so. We were hoping he would feature at Runcorn on Saturday but we decided not to risk it.

We’ll see how it settles down before we make a final decision, but it’s a 40-week season.

We’d sooner miss him for one game rather than risk him and lose him for weeks after that.

Warrington Guardian:

Jack Dunn is an injury doubt for today's game against Morpeth. Picture by John Hopkins

MT: Louis Barnes is suspended for today so what are your thoughts on the left-back area?

PC: We’ve got good options in that area. Just because players are right-footed doesn’t mean they can’t play left-back.

Zac Corbett is around as well, so we have options.

Warrington Guardian:

New signing Louis Barnes is suspended for today's game but will be available for Tuesday's trip to Atherton Collieries. Picture by John Hopkins