WHENEVER I can escape for a few days fishing, I invariably head for the River Dee and that is where I spent three days last week fishing my favourite method.

There is nothing more satisfying than trotting a stick-float through the swim and waiting for your float to dip.

The first two days were spent on our Worthenbury stretch targeting the resident grayling and they did not disappoint with a fish on my first cast. The odd fish were up to 1.5lbs, but the majority were in the 6 to 12 ounce bracket.

On the final day, following a discussion at HQ on Friday evening with a member who guaranteed ‘to put me on big chub’, I visited a stretch not controlled by WAA and blanked! There must be a moral here, ‘stick with what you know.’ This is by far the worst result from the River Mersey when Alan Morris needed only one fish, a small skimmer bream weighing 0lbs 7oz 0dr to win our Sunday match series. Roy Everson was in second place with 0-4-8.

I realise that we have had a cold snap, but I fear predation by increasing numbers of cormorants and the odd seal that comes over the weir in exceptional high tides have taken their toll.

I dearly hope to be proven wrong as this river has produced much better results under similar conditions in previous years.

It was even worse in the Bridgewater Canal Disabled and Over 60s match on Monday, and although there are no seals on this fishery, there has been a massive increase of cormorants.

Winner George Hollis needed only two small perch weighing 0-1-8, I think that they were almost transparent.

Match ace Jimmy Byrne with a solitary perch for 1-0-4 was in runner-up position, no other anglers even had a bite so it was a raffle for third and fourth, not the best way to settle a competition.

Licences are being posted out this week and our regular team of volunteers are busy at HQ as I type enveloping, licking and sticking. I have done this annual task for more than 30 years and the banter is relentless but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

WAA Headquarters at 52 Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7 and 9pm for new members, subscriptions, night permit renewals, and any queries.

Please email catch details to frank@warrington-anglers.org.uk or give me a call on 01928 716238.


Mersey Sunday Series: 1, Alan Morris 0-7-0; 2, Roy Everson 0-4-8; 3, Ray Boden 0-2-8; 4, Ant Higham 0-2-2. Disabled and Over 60s (Bridgewater Canal): 1, George Hollis 0-1-8; 2, Jimmy Byrne 0-1-4.


Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 10am at Kingsway Allotments. Monday, Disabled and Over 60s (Bridgewater Canal): Draw 10am at Preston Brook.