THIS Warrington Wolves side have developed a habit that has become incredibly frustrating to all who follow them.

It is something that goes way beyond the countless handling errors and the sloppiness with the ball that plagued this particular fixture. Arguably, it is a trait that has gone back quite a few years.

It is the feeling of progress being snatched away that irritates so many and no doubt rankles within the dressing room and coaching office, too.

Time after time, just as you think they have “cracked it” and are making good progress, a reminder is served that there is still some way to go.

While galling in its nature, this result is far from terminal for Wire’s season – indeed, they still hold their fate very much in their own hands.

However, what cannot be argued is that they have missed a golden chance to relieve some pressure on themselves and build the narrative that they can be a threat in the play-offs should they make it.

The only narrative this performance will build is one that has been discussed openly for a while – that this team and club as a whole do not perform when the pressure is on.

Gary Chambers and his coaching staff have wanted his side to play with fire and brimstone and there was evidence of that, with metres through the middle being pretty easy to come by.

However, that needs to be combined with it’s fair share of ice and in a game that got increasingly chaotic, cool heads once again deserted them.

As did the very basics of respect for possession – Wire made 18 handling errors in total, double the tally of their opponents.

Only five of the 17 who took the field in primrose and blue went error-free. Paul Vaughan – usually so reliable on that front – made two in one game for the first time this season, including one on halfway with his side looking to set up a shot at the winning drop goal.

That was the closest they came either in the final minutes of normal time or in golden point to putting their key men in positions to be the hero. Salford, by contrast, had two efforts at drop goals before Sam Stone’s winning try.

It cannot be said that Wire didn’t play hard, but they certainly didn’t play smart and at this stage of the season, that is a big concern.

Even if they do make the play-offs from here, are they equipped to be more than an easy beat for one of the higher finishers?

In terms of personnel, they certainly are but when it comes to performance, they still have plenty to prove.