MAY I through your paper put the stats of the recent Wire coach (Daryl Powell).

I thought at the end of the 2022 season, when we finished second bottom, he should have been sacked. A foreman on a shop floor with those results certainly would have been.

Here are the stats under his regime:

An international prop sent off to Huddersfield.

An international level centre loaned to Wigan, plus the Huddersfield loan player sent to Wigan.

One of the best hookers in the league allowed to move to St Helens.

Six Wire players signed by Leigh Leopards – this has aided their wonderful transformation. Well done Leigh.

The signing of Australian player that cost the club a hefty sum of money and was then sent packing.

Bringing back a hooker that left when the present hooker was brought in.

I am quite pleased that we have parted company with the coach that obviously could not hold the changing room, but I feel that more should have been done.

When all is said and done, management must have approved the coach’s decisions I have listed above.

In that case, the chief executive should stand by his sword and also leave the club.

From one of the richest, most envied clubs in the league, we are now the laughing stock of Super League.


Houghton Green