HOW many coach changes or player changes will it take before someone takes a long, hard long at what is really going on at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

Despite having all the money in the world, the Wire can never take the final step.

Four Grand Final defeats, disappointment after disappointment.

Promise has always failed to be turned into triumph. This year looks like another without play-off football – despite all the enormous resources.

Daryl Powell on Sunday bemoaned a culture at the club he couldn’t change.

Five of the Leigh team set for Wembley were dismissed by Warrington as not good enough last year.

We have so few young players make it to quality first team players.

When they come in, they like light years away from equivalent players at St Helens, Wigan or Leeds.

Warrington end up buying people like Nicholson or Johnson.

Powell had to go but I hope the chief executive and board look for answers to the deep-rooted question of why the title dream remains elusive for Warrington.

Only then can we end this coach merry go round that we seem to be stuck in.