IT has been a huge few days for Warrington Wolves, who are now searching for a new head coach.

Daryl Powell was relieved of his duties on Sunday following the 42-6 thrashing at Wakefield Trinity - the club's heaviest defeat of the season and their sixth loss in a row.

Since the news was confirmed, there has been discussion abound surrounding the decision and where The Wire go from here.

We asked our Guardian Fan Panel for their thoughts on Powell's exit and who they would like to see come in next...


Well the inevitable finally happened on Sunday and Wire head coach Daryl Powell lost his job.

Actually on the day, it had to happen really – we had got to that point where there was no turning back and something had to happen

Powell gave a scathing after-match summary, saying that some of his team were failing to give 100% and also saying that some were unable to take critique of poor performances.

It’s at this point that I’m going sit on Powell’s side of the fence and agree with him.

For the past six to eight weeks, we've seen performances from players that have absolutely stank and looked like they were attempting to throw this coach under the bus ever since the Josh McGuire episode and Sunday was always going to be the day for it to be completed.

Last year, the club backed Powell in similar circumstances but they had no choice this year really but to part company with him.

If the catalyst for all of this was the McGuire episode, then there are people above Powell who also need to be facing the music too for their part in all of it.

We need a rebuild and a shift in direction from the top down.

The sad thing in all of this – if I am right – is the fact that the fans were conned travelling to Wakey and Cas and so on by the players that they worship. Some players need to take a long hard look in the mirror. 

And so to speculation on Powell’s replacement, with lots pointing to Justin Holbrook.

I’m not really a fan of that one. My own personal choice would be Shaun Wane – he builds a great coaching team and he has the ability to make players run through brick walls for him.

He's a master motivator but also big on discipline in the group and his players know who's in charge.

Sadly, I can’t see it happening – I don’t think he could ever bring himself to coach against his beloved Wigan.

This is where I’ll move on to an interesting choice – Super League’s most successful coach in terms of Grand Finals, Brian McDermott.

The guys a winner, he's a disciplinarian and at the moment he’s taking a learning curve as assistant coach at the Newcastle Knights in the NRL.

Could he be tempted by another crack at Super League? I’m hoping so.


Well, I'm glad that's over. I rated Powell before he came to us but that isn't the case anymore.

I wanted him to do well but after that first season, he needed to turn things around.

I was not someone who got carried away – I always said I'd reserve judgement until we played Saints and Wigan and even though both teams were as or more depleted then us, they didn't seem to struggle.

Weird decision after weird decision – publicly criticising Riley Dean, apportioning some blame to fans for not backing the team, backing Peter Mata’utia regardless of poor form, saying he thought forwards weren't trying but still picking them over younger players…

Moving forward, I wish we would consider some UK based coaches instead of just shopping in Aus. 

Simon Grix did some really good work at Halifax and you can't really argue with what Paul Rowley has gotten from Salford with their limited budget.


Two years wasted, two years full of mistakes!

I think if Daryl Powell had his time again, he would change an awful lot of things – needless to say, his “bull in a china shop” approach didn’t bare fruit.

His first mistake was his badly misplaced trust in Peter Mata’utia and Oliver Holmes, the latter leaving the club just one year into a three-year deal. Unfortunately, the former is still here.

Daryl Powell appointed Jack Hughes as his captain during his first year in charge, that turned out to be another poor decision irrespective of his injury problems.

Daryl Powell’s treatment of the young kids is also something that really frustrated me – he’s singled out Riley Dean, Ellis Longstaff, Connor Wrench and Josh Thewlis for criticism at various different points. It’s really weak coaching, especially when you consider how many senior players have underperformed during the last two years.

Daryl Powell then decided to sign Kyle Amor towards the back end of last season – an insult to the fans and another kick in the teeth for those in the academy and those who have played a part in their development.

Warrington eventually finished second bottom last year – why wasn’t he sacked at this point?

Moving onto his second year, Daryl Powell signed a whole host of forwards after he finally realised that the forward pack he assembled during his first year was probably one of the weakest in the club’s history.

However, there was no balance to the squad whatsoever.

Daryl Powell’s leadership group of Peter Mata’utia, Stefan Ratchford, George Williams and Josh McGuire turned out to be pathetic, especially given that only one of those players actually warrants a place in the side.

Daryl Powell also heaped praise on Gil Dudson’s leadership qualities – have we seen any of these?

Despite our eight-game winning streak at the start of the season, it’s been a disastrous two years in all honesty.

Powell has pushed club legends out of the door, he’s blamed everybody else but himself for his own mistakes and he’s shown utter contempt towards the young kids at this club.

His reign at the club ended with six defeats in a row now – our worst record for over 20 years. He also failed to beat Wigan and Saints during his two-year spell.

It got to a point where he was frantically trying to re-build his own re-build – have you ever seen anything of the sort?

I know it goes without saying but the club really need to get this next appointment right because patience is wearing thin amongst the fans.


It’s quite an experience being a Warrington fan. You never know what you are going to get …

Warrington fans have tasted a bit of success before with Challenge Cup wins and they know how to celebrate.

However there is one thing that fans are desperate to see is Wire winning the Grand Final - a trophy that has been so close and yet so far away.

There have been several coaches who have come to The Wire, bringing with them their hopes, aspirations and dreams of that elusive Grand Final win.

Cue Daryl Powell, a coach who rebuilt things at Castleford and took them into play-offs and to major finals in recent years…

Daryl came into The Wire at back end of 2021 with the task of guiding them to that elusive Grand Final win.

2022 came as a bit of a shock to Wire fans, some disappointing and disastrous performances leaving their league position hanging in there by a thread only saved by the fact Toulouse lost more games and Wire doing just about enough to survive and live to fight again in 2023!

2023 couldn’t come soon enough, a chance to reset naturally encouraged by some big signings post season, with added grunt to the pack in the shape of Paul Vaughan.

After the flying start to the year, Wire started to become derailed with various unsettlings in the squad due to injury and off-field goings on.

Wire in recent weeks have definitely not showed their true credentials and the expectations the fans have of such a widely talented squad have faded!

The Wakefield defeat on Sunday showed that for the Wire faithful, it was maybe a bridge to far for Daryl Powell.

I feel there had to be a tipping point to where Wire are currently and where they aim to be, Wire need a fresh emphasis and a new voice.

If Wire are to be challenging the likes of Saints, Wigan etc, they need to change their direction of travel and start to give the fans something to shout about.

Lets make the town proud of The Wire again!