A FORMER Warrington Lance Todd Trophy winner has revealed what he believes to be the successful formula for a good run in the Challenge Cup.

Derek Whitehead, recently awarded a place in the Warrington Wolves Hall of Fame, was man of the match after toe-kicking seven goals in the 1974 cup final defeat of Featherstone Rovers at Wembley.

The 63-year-old ex-full back said: "The important thing is to play for one another and give your best. That's all we did.

"The team spirit was good and we had that all the way through the competition."

And he feels Wolves should relish the challenge that a tie against the in-form holders and favourites presents.

"There's every chance of winning, never give up hope.

"We weren't expected to beat Leeds in the semi final at Wigan but we did and we went on to win it."

Whitehead,who made 274 appearances before joining the coaching staff in a Warrington career spanning 1968 to 1985, lives in Swinton and is enjoying free time after retiring from a Risley-based driving job two months ago.

Although running and majestically sidestepping tough and rugged forwards as a player held no fear for him, he has found something that does.

"I have twin daughters and three granddaughters and like to spend time with my family, and I also like to do a bit of fishing," he said.

"I'm in Salford Angling Club and we've got a pool at Roe Green Cricket Club in Swinton.

"It's a specimen pool with a 20lb catfish and 40lb carp in it but I've not had any of them, I'm frightened.

"I'd sooner face an 18-stone forward on the rugby pitch than a 20lb catfish!"