AFTER last week’s game, the message was “do the same things, expect the same results.”

With that in mind, this result should not come as much of a surprise given that is pretty much what Warrington Wolves did.

And this time, the consequences were much more severe as one of the three available pieces of silverware – the only one left to play for in plenty of eyes – is now off the table.

For the first time since 2008, Warrington will not be a part of the Challenge Cup quarter-finals. Another proud record falls victim to a run that is getting more damaging by the week.

Warrington Guardian:

Those who have watched both of the abject collapses that have taken place in the last week and a bit could be forgiven for feeling a sense of déjà vu.

Once again, The Wire started well and gave themselves a platform – the first 20 minutes saw them win rucks, punch holes through the line and score two very well-taken tries.

Warrington Guardian:

Once again, they went away from what they were doing well, partly due to Wakefield weathering the storm and getting on top of the arm wrestle and partly due once again to needless Wire errors and poor defence.

They could perhaps consider themselves fortunate to be ahead at the break, with Wakefield furious at being denied what looked like a try with the first half’s final play when Kelepi Tanginoa appeared to be pulled back chasing a kick. Referee Jack Smith’s decision not to at the very least consult the video referee seemed a confusing one.

And once again, the home side were completely outworked in the second half and it eventually told on the scoreboard, with the tries that won Wakefield the game a result of some pretty pitiful defending.

Warrington Guardian:

As Daryl Powell continues to say post-match, the players’ mentality has to change.

Yes, the coach is ultimately accountable for results and he must take his fair share of blame, but he can only do so much.

Once the players cross the white line, it is up to them and the squad are letting Powell down at the moment. Of that, there can be no doubt.

Another thing that will set alarm bells ringing in the Halliwell Jones Stadium corridors of power is a frighteningly low attendance figure of 2,672.

Warrington Guardian:

There are mitigating factors – extra expense that people may not be able to afford with belts having to be tightened and the fact it was Mother’s Day among them – but more than a few will have stayed away out of disillusionment not only for what they have seen this season but for many before.

If this run of form continues, supporters will continue to vote with their feet and at the moment, it is difficult to blame them.