Wire fan Rob Watson gives his take on the Warrington Wolves win at Leeds Rhinos in his Spirit of 55 column...

WINNING ugly is one of the finer arts of sport that is hard to analyse and recreate, but it is undoubtedly a useful ability to have.

The Wire have now done it in two consecutive matches and knowing that they can win matches even when they are a long way from their best can be a good confidence boost for them.

After a first half against Leeds that was littered with handling errors, both teams settled down after the break and the game turned into a mini classic with that thrilling finish.

Being able to score tries without building pressure is one aspect of winning ugly in Rugby League and one that The Wire have shown in these last two games.

When a team can do that, they can baffle the analysts as all the performance indicators are showing that they should be behind on the scoreboard, but the scoreboard is showing something different.

With so many dangerous individual attackers, The Wire remain a strong threat to their opponent’s try line, even if they are losing the territorial battle and not having an equal share of possession.

Another thing that winning ugly usually requires is excellent defence, often in a scrambling manner. While The Wire were far from flawless in defence, with Leeds able to pick a few holes and create some overlaps, they were able to defend well enough to stay in the game.

Finishing strong and having players who can make a positive impact off the bench can also have a big influence on the result and make up for a few mistakes.

Danny Walker played a crucial part in this victory.

To be kept on the bench for around 70 minutes, and still come on with a positive attitude and without the merest hint of sulking is commendable in itself.

He scored a fantastic try, that showed great vision as well as running ability, to help The Wire level the scores inside the last five minutes.

Less eye catching was his pass to Williams for the winning drop goal. So many drop goals are missed or charged down because the pass to the kicker is poorly executed. On this occasion Walker’s pass was quick and precisely where Williams would have wanted it.

Every now and again a big build up gets the fairytale finish.

Williams did not do a great deal during the match, but he will be better for having got through the full 80 minutes.

Demanding the ball for the winning drop goal was impressive, as of course was the execution.

He is without doubt another international class addition to this Wire squad, and this time a big name player is joining in the prime of his career. Yet another open field running threat has been added to the team. More crucially we will be hoping that Williams can add some fluency and organisation to the attack, and perhaps will also be charged with helping fix the defensive issues on the right-hand side.

Sooner or later they will need to start playing better, but for now the ugly wins can be part of helping them get to where they want to be.