Rob Watson's Spirit of 55 column, reflecting on Warrington Wolves' win against Salford Red Devils

THINGS are looking up.

Big name players look happy to be one of the superstars rather than wanting to be the main one.

In attack there are plenty of players in motion, giving options to the ball carrier and making the defenders' decisions more difficult.

From outside their opponents' 20-metre line The Wire are looking like the best attack in Super League.

The individual brilliance is starting to be combined with support play and well timed and angled runs off the ball.

The Wire have the look of a team that could once again win the Challenge Cup, looking more than capable of beating any team on a one-off occasion.

Whether they are finally ready to win a Grand Final is less certain.

They still look behind St Helens and Wigan in that overload of intensity that both those teams can bring to the field.

To be fair that is something that even last year’s Grand Finalists tend to build as the season goes on, so there is still time for Wire to reach that level.

An ability to grind out a win in a close game, when they are not overwhelmingly the best team on the pitch is something else that The Wire will need to develop to give them the best chance of ending their increasingly frustrating long wait for a title.

The points and tries are flowing at the moment, but I still think their attack from close to an opponent’s line needs to improve too.

Often it looks like they are merely looking to complete the set to get to the kick, rather than having a plan about how to unlock the defence before the last tackle.

For now though it is a good time to be positive.

Blake Austin, Stefan Ratchford and Gareth Widdop look like they might be finally clicking into a cohesive attacking unit.

Widdop, in particular, is starting to look dangerous in every game.

Austin looks like he is realising that he does not have to win games on his own, while Ratchford is looking like the vital extra ball handling option in attack from the full-back position.

With so many players in the squad capable of playing full-back, along with Ratchford’s own incredible versatility, it must always be tempting to move him into different positions.

For the team to be at its best though I do feel that Ratchford needs to play full-back, especially if Widdop and Austin continue to play well at half back.

It is always good to see a team's best players playing close to their best, including Toby King whose wonderfully bizarre post-match interview sounded like he was auditioning for a role on Countdown or for the lead role if anyone wants to remake the film Good Will Hunting.

Whatever percentage of Warrington’s history he ends up being a part of, hopefully it will be as long as possible.

Just as pleasing though, is the performance levels of the supporting cast, that are always so crucial in the success of any team.

Danny Walker did an excellent job filling in for Daryl Clark.

Players like Matt Davis and Jake Mamo always bring a great and important energy to the team no matter what position they are playing.

Robbie Mulhern looks to be bringing a much needed depth to the front row, while Sita Akauola provides some extra explosiveness.

There is a long way to go in the journey of this season.

At least for now it feels like they are heading in the right direction.